Zero Waste Gasification Technology

We provide smart waste management and energy recovery systems for small to medium sized communities

The Eneco Process

We exceed other source separation programs, processing a wider range of waste and preserving more resources for recycling and energy reclamation.

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Tops Technology

 TOPS uses low impact gasification to decompose unsorted waste in a manner that aims for zero discharge of waste products.

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Reusable By-Products

 We can set up a resource recovery plant that takes your unsorted garbage and fully utilizes all of it at a lower cost to you.

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 Energy from your waste can provide heat for an aquaponic greenhouse system, reducing costs and increasing environmental benefits

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  • Eneco Solutions

    No Presorting

    Zero Waste


    Reusable By-Products

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    It's likely the best approach to solving the problems caused by our ever-growing piles of trash. How much is your community recycling your waste? 30% is the national average. The rest is being wasted. Eneco's Municipal Recycling Programs in partnership with our technology educate communities and can lead to a reduction in waste for your community.

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  • Waste To Energy Recovery Systems

    EnEco will set up a recovery plant that will transform anything your community is currently sending to a landfill and fully utilize all materials at a lower cost than you currently pay to 'Waste' your waste.

    EnEco offers a perfect waste management solution for small to medium sized communities (about 10,000 to 300,000).

    EnEco’s leading edge technology was chosen as the solution by the Canadian Department of Defence, the US Navy and the Aquilini development group. TOPS uses a low impact gasification phase to decompose unsorted carbon based components of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in a manner that aims for zero discharge of waste products to landfill.

    Every effort is made to utilize all available energy and recover all resources to make an eco-efficient, financially and environmentally, sustainable project.

    The process itself ensures materials with a high “eco-footprint” are recovered: i.e., copper is recycled as copper, aluminium as aluminium, gold as gold, etc. The inert materials remaining after gasification are virtually free of toxic carbon and may be used in concrete mixes. The result is that no residual material disposal is needed after exposure to the Thermal Oxidation Process System (or TOPS); creating a virtually zero waste state.

    Unlike most WTE plants, EnEco utilizes unique augmenting technologies to offer a complete closed loop solution. With the central technology TOPS converting MSW to a continuous energy for an electrical generator, EnEco can also employ additional proprietary leading edge technologies to harness low grade energy in high value added sub-processes.

    We can grow fish and produce in high yield aquaponic greenhouse subsystems; and we also offer the ability to convert CO2 into bio fuel. If a nearby community pool needs heat we can use super-thermal conductors to supply it. If a hospital needs energy for laundry and air conditioning, the plant can supply that too. We can even produce potable water from the atmosphere with excess energy from the process.